Exodus of white South African farmers

Exodus of thousands of white South African farmers could be near.

White farmers in South Africa are the most target populations for racially motivated violence in the world. 3,000 farmers and their family members have been murdered by blacks.

The ANC has been seizing their land to give away to it’s black supporters. Farmland already confiscated now lies in ruins. New black farmers produce little, if anything, of the confiscated lands. Now the ANC is working on plans to seize another 30% of white owned farmland.

Facing violent genocide, and state sponsored persecution, plans for a mass exodus to the Republic of Georgia are in the works.

White farmers were driven out of several other African nations, which confiscated their lands. Each time, economic collapse and starvation followed. In Zimbabwe, a few thousand white farmers fed the entire nation with enough left over for exporting. The were forcibly expelled. Today the farms lie in ruins, with all of the modern machinery rusting away. Zimbabwe is in a perpetual state of mass starvation and relies on foreign aid and charity from white nations to survive.